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Buy Pewdiepie’s 3rd ‘Why Are You Sad?’ Collection of Tsuki and Defeat T-Series

If you’re not already aware, the world is under threat. Well, not quite the world, but the world’s biggest and best YouTuber, Pewdiepie, is about to lose his title as the most subscribed YouTube channel. Despite recently hitting over an insane 71 million subscribers, the Indian Bollywood music themes channel, T-Series, is on-track to dethrone the champ.

So what can you do to help? Check out his fashion clothing brand of course.

All jokes aside, the clothes are actually pretty sick and something which we’ve featured on the site before. Pewds and Marzia claim this collection as their favourite with all pieces being designed by themselves. They’re made ethically as well, so not like other crappy “merch” labels.

Also, check out all the gear Pewds uses to make his videos here.

Buy it here

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