Coach and Michael B Jordan Partner for Anime-Inspired Apparel

New York clothing label Coach had teamed up with Creed and Black Panther actor Michael B Jordan for a clothing, footwear and bag collection inspired by MBJ’s love for the popular Japanese anime and manga series Naruto.

The collection combines the trademark Coach craftsmanship with Jordan’s affinity for fashion and graphic codes from the world of Naruto. Expect ready-to-wear parkas, denim jackets, pullovers, backpacks, utility packs and hybrid sneaker boots.

coach michael b jordan clothing

Infused with technical details like removable sleeves, tactical straps and elastic closures, select apparel also features imagery of characters from Naruto. The trademark “eye” motif from the series is reimagined along with Coach’s Retro C graphic.

These references tie back to the story of Naruto Uzumaki himself, a young ninja who begins his journey as an outsider and earns the respect of his community as he works with his friends to protect it from rising threats. The Naruto backstory is said to speak closely to Jordan’s own story as an outlier building bridges inside and outside of the Hollywood establishment and echoes Coach’s commitment to community and courage.

coach michael b jordan clothing

“With my name on this collection, it was important to design pieces that represent my cultural influences and my community; pieces that I could see my friends, family and fans wearing with pride,” said Jordan.

“As with all aspects of my work, this collection is about bringing fresh perspectives and unique voices to the forefront.”

Coach is also celebrating the collection with global pop-ups in Japan, Malaysia and the United States. There was also a dedicated Coach experience in the VIZ Media booth at New York Comic Con from October 3-6, and a range of limited-edition T-shirts.

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