Continuer and Osawa Tsukuba Collaborate for a Better Look

The collaboration between Continuer and Osawa Tsukuba has brought out the best in eyewear. The project started from scratch, but had the commitment to use only the most luxurious materials with the end goal of creating eyewear that was comfortable for the skin.

continuer and osawa tsukuba naturally glossy look

That material is called “Tsukeno” and is derived from a kind of shellfish named “Taimui.” This material was spread throughout Europe after the 16th century and was prized for its naturally glossy look, as well as it beautiful coloring. Because the material contains a high quantity of natural materials, like protein and collagen, it is soft to the touch, which promotes comfort. Troweling, which was introduced by the Portuguese and then adopted by Japanese fishermen, has increased the rarity of finding this material.

continuer and osawa tsukuba glasses look bulky

The rims are round and soft, but somehow achieve a look of being sharp and geometric. They’re the kind of glasses that bring to mind Andy Warhol—that kind of creativity and inspiration that comes from innovative thinking. The design successfully carries off the goal of being unisex, so both men and women would look good wearing them. While the glasses look bulky, they are light, enhancing the comfort. Hinges are often overlooked in glasses, but these rims use 18K gold to add that finishing touch.

Check it out

continuer and osawa tsukuba black frame

continuer and osawa tsukuba glass on the floor

osawa tsukuba black glass on the floor

fade color osawa tsukuba sunglass

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