DuoTek’s Jacket is Ultralight, Reflective, and Reversible

Jogging, bike riding, and even walking at night can be dangerous. With visibility so limited, the chances of a driver not seeing you are exponentially higher. DuoTek’s Ultralight Reflective and Reversible Jacket eliminates that possibility so completely, it’s as if you’re walking around with a spotlight trained on you.

Of course, DuoTek isn’t the only company to offer a reflective jacket. The challenge is that these other options are either super expensive (The North Face jacket costs over $1,000 and even Nike’s reflective jacket costs more than $500) or they are made of inferior quality that just doesn’t hold up. Plus, these jackets are only wearable one way, making them bright and unbearable in daylight and social events. DuoTek’s jacket addresses these issues and more—and it wasn’t easy. Janetta Battle, DuoTek’s COO, explains, “Adding pockets and designs on one jacket is not that hard, but it’s very difficult to add features on one fabric while making it still ultralight and affordable, and we are the first and only one to achieve it in the industry.” What features is she referring to? Here’s a list: reversible, reflective, waterproof, windproof, breathable, anti-UV, lightweight, packable, waterproof pockets, stretchable, and rip stop. That list is longer than the competitors, and with a price starting at just $99, you’re getting an incredible deal.

DuoTek reversible jacket

The jacket comes in two designs. The “Cool” jacket is made of thinner material and is lighter. It’s meant for warmer climates. The “Shield” jacket is only 100g heavier, but is more appropriate for colder climates. Both jackets come with five waterproof pockets. Inside the back pocket is a Velcro strip that helps to keep your phone from bouncing around while you’re jogging.

DuoTek reflective reversible jacket for jogging

You can use reflective strips or even other jackets to try and stay safe while out in the night, but the best deal—and the most options—only comes with one jacket: the DuoTek Ultralight Reflective and Reversible Jacket.

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black DuoTe ultralight reversible jacket

DuoTek back white reversible jacket

DuoTek ultralight reversible jacket for biking