E-Tailoring by InStitchu is Now a Whole Lot Friendlier

A tailored suit is a many-splendoured thing. Apart from the fact that every little detail is just the way you like it: be it side-adjusters vs belt loops, or slanted pockets vs straight ones, it is also guaranteed to offer the perfect fit. Australian suiting juggernaut InStitchu knows this, and are now in the best possible position to prove it, thanks to their new and improved showroom experience, which guarantees your measurements

When InStitchu began seven years ago, there was a very large gap in the menswear market, in terms of affordable and quality suits that would guarantee a perfect fit for the wearer. One easy way to fix this was by offering a complete tailoring experience, but keep it online. Though some showrooms did exist, what was to say that blokes couldn’t be trusted to measure themselves up? Take out the middle man and get a tailored suit delivered straight to their door? Well, experience, for one.

Now, InStitchu has improved leaps and bounds, with a tailoring service that goes above and beyond in terms not just of capability, but practicality.

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Visiting a tailor, while a new concept for some, is far from daunting. It generally involves a firm handshake, a warm smile, and, most importantly, whisky. There’s something fun, too, about going through swatches to pick out what it is exactly you’d like to wear; what look befits you. InStitchu is very aware of the importance of this, and has moved in leaps and bounds toward a more friendly tailored suit experience: one which ensures the perfect suit ends up on your back, without losing the convenience of buying online.

Three steps in to the latest boutique and I’m greeted by Eddie (who I’m later informed is actually Dancing Eddie), who thrusts a cold beer into my hand and sits me down on the lounge to talk about what I’m after. I happily oblige, and, when the beer is done, sip a whisky while looking at swatches. I’m after a particular style of suit, and frankly don’t need to look at every fabric that has ever existed (thought the selection available from InStitchu is enormous).

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I say “charcoal” and the most appropriate swatches are pulled out and brought to my side. This is where InStitchu has improved instead of changed. The staff know the product inside out, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time here to walk out feeling confident that you’re going to get a quality outfit. It’s efficient, but charming all at once.

Once we’ve talked ideas, it’s over to the mirror for a fitting, whilst we go through every option. The beauty of e-tailoring a suit is that you get to consider every possibility, including those that another tailor might just run with as a standard. Major changes to the look, like lapel size and vents are a given, but smaller touches, like the buttons you’ll be buttoning, and yay or nay on the question of sleeve ribbon, are all options that are available with a click of your finger, quite literally.


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And it’s these little touches which make you feel that, despite the fact we’re technically still ordering a suit online, this is a personalised experience. The purple stitched monogram, which is actually my middle name (you can pick up to 15 letters), emblazoned inside the left breast of the jacket in Times New Roman, is proof of this.

For anybody thinking at this point that visiting a showroom completely defeats the purpose of e-tailoring in the first place, remember why this gap needed bridging in the first place. Blokes aren’t exactly the best at measuring themselves, and to be honest, who can be expected to guesstimate their own inseam? By having a pro look after the particulars, who then loads your measurements up onto your own online profile, you now have a perfectly tailored suit at your fingertips, whenever you need (assuming your weight doesn’t fluctuate).

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After trying on several different pairs of trousers and jacket fits to check sizing, final measurements are done, and it’s time to pick the fabric. Thanks to Eddie’s putting my options aside for me earlier, this takes very little time, and with one final click, my suit has been ordered.

Under four weeks later and I’m back at the store, offered another whisky, and invited to try on my new suit. Something that easily gets lost when you order online is the attention to detail that a tailor would carefully pay. Here, everything has been checked twice, and my new threads don’t have a loose one amongst them.

Yes, the idea of ordering a suit online is appealing. But it’s so much better when you can do it with absolute confidence. A visit to one of InStitchu’s boutiques is everything you need to ensure that every suit you buy from them will fit like a glove, and make you look your very best.


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