Eight Eight, Because Who Needs Another Polka Dot Pocket Square?

Sick of every bloke repping the same pocket square shtick day in day out? GQ Australia’s Jack Phillips was, so he set out to offer something both unique and with a socially conscious direction.

“Men value craftsmanship and pieces that last. But they also want something different and is, well, just fucking awesome. Who needs another polka dot pocket square?”

Teaming up with six international artists, Phillips has launched the new menswear accessories label Eight Eight, to offer something different and with an artistic edge to an otherwise oft-boring marketplace.

 polka dot pocket square in the pocket

Artists on board with Eight Eight include Sydney-based muralist Mulga; from Britain, Jon Leigh; Spanish pop-art maestro, Tiago Majuelos and Brisbane’s Annabelle Lambie. The pocket squares are made from high-quality and sustainable silk and bamboo.

“I’ve always relished the creativity offered by artistic collaborations – there’s so much international and local talent across a broad range of artistic disciplines and styles, and by working with these guys, and highlighting their incredible creativity, we hope to bring a much broader audience to their work while offering a piece of art for men seeking something unique” continues Phillips.

two design polka dot pocket square

They’ve also teamed up with charities Beyond Blue, Greenfleet and The Movember Foundation; 10% of all profits are split evenly between these noble causes, and Eight Eight is also offsetting all carbon emissions from their activities. You can check out their great stuff and buy something unique through the link below.

Check it out

stylish man used polka dot pocket square

dog image design polka dot pocket square

smoking image design polka dot pocket square

card and king view polka dot pocket square


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