Everlane’s Street Nylon Zip Backpack May be the Best Urban Street Backpack Yet

Men’s urban backpacks have gone through numerous transformations over the past few years. We all know the dreaded “murse”—or man purse, that slung across men’s bodies, a mutation of the messenger bag. No one wants to go down that road again, but we also don’t want to be carrying around a backpack meant for a grade schooler or a hike to the top of the Himalayas. Which is why the Street Nylon Zip Backpack from Everlane is so ideal, nestling in between embarrassingly self-conscious fashion and something that is overly utilitarian.

red urban nylon zip backpack front side

This nylon bag comes in five different colors, from green to blue to red to grey to black, allowing it to match any style and color palate you may regularly wear. It’s lightweight, durable and fits any sized Macbook in it’s semi-water resistant rubberized back pocket. The large main compartment is ideal for everything from books, to notebooks to even groceries, while the front pocket is ideal for the essentials. Side pockets can hold water bottles, sunglasses or a U-lock for your bike, giving you storage and easy access to just about everything you may want or need while you are out and about. The bag is sized large enough for a man to wear around with confidence without being unnecessarily bulky as well.

Go get one and get back out on the town.

Check it out

red urban nylon backpack zipper

red urban nylon backpack handlers

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