G-Star Raw is Dyeing Denim With Palmetto Leaf and Beetroot

If it wasn’t for the headline declaring it to be accurate, you might not have realised that the new styles from G-Star Raw achieve their distinct colouring using dyes made from plant waste. More specifically, the garments are dyed using upcycled saw palmetto leaf leftovers from the herbal industry and upcycled beetroot waste.

The new G-Star Raw “Dyed by Nature” collection includes jeans, denim jackets, collared shirts, t-shirts and sweats for both men and women in three colours: Two darker hues from palmetto leaf and one from beetroot waste. Unlike ordinary beetroots, this colour will not stain everything it touches.

beetroot dyed denim jacket

The sustainable dyes are called EarthColours, and they come from Swiss colour brand Archroma. G-Star was the world’s first denim brand to collaborate with Archroma in 2017, where they created a collection of circular plant-based dyed jeans. EarthColors by Archroma, are dyes derived from upcycled plant waste traceable from earth-to-product.

G-Star’s focus on sustainability first began in 2006 with the clothing label focusing not only on style but also in the broader impact they have on the planet. G-Star says it’s “future-proofing” denim by investing in sustainable innovations, aiming for a circular approach to how denim is made and used, in a transparent manner.

g star raw denim jeans

G-Star typically utilises eco-friendly fibres, such as organic cotton, recycled cotton and TENCEL fabric.

For its recent “Forces of Nature” collection released in collaboration with Jaden Smith, G-Star employed organic cotton and digital printing, a more sustainable solution to the printing process. This dying process presents zero risks for people and the environment and requires 70% fewer chemicals, resulting in clean and recyclable water effluent.

The Dyed by Nature collection is available now in-store, online and via the dedicated G-Star Raw app.

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g star raw beetroot dyed denim jacket

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