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Garrett Leight Spring 2021 Lends Focus to 1960s California Pop Art

Paying homage to the emergence of pop art in 1960s Los Angeles, Garrett Leight plays to the vibrant nature of the city with colours, lights and shapes from the era. The Spring 2021 collection is a celebration of seeing the unique in the mundane, offering a host of ways to discover and channel the classic Californian aesthetic. Enter a selection of optical frames and sunglasses that are guaranteed to evoke a Californian glow and have everyone staring in the process.

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Garrett leight spring 2021 clement sun

Image: Garrett Leight (Clement)

Garrett Leight California Optical was created in 2010 by a group of young, passionate purveyors of some of the best eyewear in the game. With a dedication to creating classic designs by combining perfect craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics, the brand is regularly worn by the most stylish celebrities in the game. Including John Legend, Seth Rogan and Theodor Gebre Selassie.

For Spring 2021, the collection incorporates the classic pillars of Garrett Leight design. That means embodying that of an easy-going philosophy highlighted in the California culture stamped into each frame – VC/CA 90291 – as a reminder of the brand Venice roots.

Garrett leight spring 2021 douglas

Image: Garrett Leight (Douglas)

You’re instantly drawn towards the collection of subtle details and technical features which are carefully considered for fit, proportion, and comfort. There’s evidence of a high standard of perfect quality that guarantees value in longevity and style. And after trying on a number of pairs at a recent pop-up in Sydney, we can share that this philosophy holds true to the nth degree.

Our favourite pairs from the extensive collection – which includes over 17 individual styles – include the classic Brooks Sun, Wilson M Sun, Clement Sun, Douglas, and the Winward Clip which is a bold new add on piece that incorporates a polished metal clip in two sizes for the round Winward frame (sold separately). Also sneaking out alongside the Spring 2021 collection is the Kinney X Sun which is milled from a 12mm piece of solid acetate. The result? A chunkier take on the classic Kinney frame and features a handful of sought after colour combinations. Dashing.

The entire Garrett Leight Spring 2021 collection is available now online and via the link below. If you’re looking to get serious about style, we think it’s about time you don a pair of Leights.

Check it out

Garrett leight spring 2021 winward clip

Image: Garrett Leight (Winward)

Garrett leight spring 2021 brooks sun

Image: Garrett Leight (Brooks)

Garrett leight spring 2021 wilson m sun

Image: Garrett Leight (Wilson)

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