Chop, Chop with The Barebones Pulaski Axe

Sometimes you just want to pick up and get away from it all, sell all your worldly possessions and go live off the land. Or maybe you just want to do that for a few weeks, or even a long weekend. Whatever you decide, you’ll obviously need a few supplies, ranging between a tent, a sleeping bag, some good shoes—and probably this Pulaski Axe from Barebones Living. It’s sort of the modern refurb of axes, if there could be such a thing, meant for the modern man who wants to live off the land.

pulaski axe rounded 1055 carbon steel split blade

With a rounded 1055 Carbon Steel Split Blade, this axe can effectively chop or split even the densest wood, with a solid Beechwood handle providing it with a stellar grip and feel without painful reverberations when you are cutting it. Plus it’s lighter than an old fashioned Paul Bunyon axe, weighing only 3 pounds, is shorter at 21 inches total, and looks ruggedly great attached to a belt or in one or two clenched hands. There is even a steel pommel at the base of the axe for hammering as necessary. There is also an removable hex nut for easy rehandling when that ultimately becomes necessary after, say, your first year in the wilderness.

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