Get Inked at The New General Pants Flagship

Last night’s launch of the new General Pants flagship on George St welcomed a new retail experience to Sydney, one which centres on new and exciting concepts bound together under the same roof, and turns the typical retail experience on its side to make way for a holistic approach to buying, in essence – cool shit.

Filling the racks and shelves with their street wear brands was a given, but GP have take it a step further and added a record store with loads of fresh vinyl, listening stations and permanent decks to feature local acts and DJs, and a tattoo parlour in collaboration with The Darling Parlour, so you can get a sweet tatt while you decide between stonewash or raw denim for your new dacks. There’s also a slushy machine turning out complimentary frozen coke – nice touch, GP.

 general pants flagship library

The walls are adorned with the popular street art of local talents Kentaro Yoshida, Steen Jones and Alex Lehours, and there are spaces to lounge and chill in between bursts of retail therapy. Seriously, this place is cool, and definitely worth the visit, even just for the free slurpee.

General Pants George St is located at 413 George St and is open from 9-6 daily (9-9 on Thursdays).

General Pants

 general pants flagship gp sneaks

 general pants flagship storeroom vingtages

 flagship storeroom vingtages

 flagship storeroom gp stars

 general pants flagship storeroom darling parlour

 general pants flagship storeroom records

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