Give Yourself a Hug in the Relaxation Hoodie Blackout Edition

Vollebak has designed a hoodie that will give you the same benefits as isolated meditation. The Relaxation Hoodie Blackout Edition is, at the most basic level, a zip-up hoodie. The difference is that where other hoodies stop at the neck, this hoodie zips all the way up, completely enclosing you. It’s like crawling into a sleeping bag head first. The zip-closed hood features six laser cut and welded breathing vents for fresh air, but the enclosed hood captures the warmth of your breath, keeping you cozy. Adding additional warmth are the pockets. Unlike traditional pockets, these pockets position your arms so that they cross your body in a natural position that holds in heat and keeps you comfortable.

hoodie blackout mesh visor

The hood has a mesh visor, divided in half by the zipper, that allows you to see out, but doesn’t allow others to see in. There is an internal, zipped chest pocket to hold your phone or an iPod. Internal cable channels allow for earphones. You can play your own music or play the downloadable “pink noise” soundtrack. And speaking of pink, the color choice comes from a study conducted on prison inmates that showed that just 15 minutes of exposure to a single color can suppress bad behavior and promote calm minds and tranquil muscle.

hoodie blackout water repellent

The hoodie is made of water repellent, wind resistant, polyester-cotton fabric that is insulated and breathable. And no worries about claustrophobia, the fabric is stretchy so that it doesn’t bind.

Check it out

hoodie blackout wind resistant

hoodie blackout polyeste cotton fabric

hoodie blackout front side design

hoodie blackout back side

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