‘The Most Sustainable Jeans Ever’: G-Star Elwood RFTPi Jeans

Through its new collection of jeans and jackets, G-Star Raw is pioneering the sustainable denim movement by reducing the environmental impact at every step of its manufacturing process.

The G-Star Elwood RFTPi jean and D-Staq RFTPi denim jacket are made using 100% organic cotton that’s grown without using harmful pesticides. Thanks to partnerships with DyStar and Artistic Milliners, the indigo dyeing process is the cleanest in the world. It uses 70% fewer chemicals and no salts, consequently saving water and leaving clean and recyclable water effluent.

g star elwood rftpi jeans metal button

During the wash process, 98% of the water will be recycled and re-used, and the other 2% will be evaporated, leaving no water to be wasted or discharged into the local environment. G-Star removed all rivets and zippers and instead used eco-finished metal buttons. Also, all labelling and carton packaging is sourced responsibly.

As a result of its sustainable manufacturing process, G-Star’s denim fabric is the first to be Cradle to Cradle Certified at Gold level. G-Star and its mill partner also made the entire process open-source, which can be accessed through the Institute’s Fashion Positive Materials Library.

g star elwood rftpi jeans full sleeve shirt

“This is perhaps the most radical change to the indigo dyeing process since its industrialisation,” says Omer Ahmed, Director of Artistic Milliners. “Even though this formula is in its infancy we are hopeful that in due time it will be adopted by the denim industry at large as there is an unprecedented environmental/water saving potential in using this method.”

The G-Star Elwood RFTPi jean, together with the D-Staq RFTPi denim jacket, will be available in stores and online from February 15th for both men and women. They are the perfect, environmentally sustainable way to rock the double denim look. In fact, I double dare you. For more environmentally friendly fashion, take a look at Will & Bear’s ultra stylish upcycled hats.

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g star elwood rftpi jeans side view

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