Here’s Lookin’ at You in a Borsalino Humphrey Bogart Hat

Borsalino recently unveiled their Humphrey Bogart Hat, much to everyone’s pleasure. World-renowned for their work in hats, the Italian hatmaker has been making fedoras for over 160 years. But while the fedora look may be a classic that will never grow old, the milliners have been struggling of late–of course, it didn’t help that their former majority owner Marco Marenco was arrested for bankruptcy and fraud in 2008. Phillippe Camperio of Haeres Equita, a Swiss-Italian businessman, took over the brand in 2016 and recently bought the brand outright at auction.

borsalino humphrey bogart legend's hat

Borsalino produces 150,000 hats per year, and under Haeres Equita’s supervision, they have increased sales from 15.5 million Euros to 17 million. In an effort to boost sales even more, Borsalino is partnering with the Humphrey Bogart estate to market a new fedora. The had is made from a mixture of hare and rabbit fur and features a medium brim and a high dome. The charcoal-grey grosgrain belt accentuates the grey “Sebino” felt. Grey satin lines the interior, and has been branded with Bogie’s silhouette. The band on the inside has also been engraved with one of Bogarts more famous quotes: “Do everything. One thing may turn out right.”

borsalino humphrey bogart inner look

The Bogart by Borsalino is already available and sells for around USD$580.

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