Protect Your Stuff in Style with an Incase Tracto Split Duffel

In a world where air travel is commonplace, it’s important to keep your luggage secure and safe when you’re on the road. We all have quite a few valuables that we wouldn’t want to be ruined, lost or stolen but in the hassle of getting through the rigorous security measures that are part and parcel of every airport now, it can be easy to have something come up missing or broken.

incase tracto split duffel bag strong carry strap

A good duffel bag is essential for any traveller. Duffel bags are lightweight and efficient. However, not just any duffel bag will do. You need one that will hold up and keep your things safe. One of our favourites is the Incase Tracto Split Duffel bag. This bag is one that will make everyone in line at security jealous. It is perfect whether you are a casual weekend traveller or an international adventurer. Just like all of Incase’s luggage, this duffel is secure and durable. It was designed to protect your valuables.

incase tracto split duffel bag two parts

This split duffel bag is a highly functional, waterproof bag that can protect your most valuable belongings from the elements. You can take the Tracto Split Duffel anywhere. It is available in both in 1680D Ballistic Nylon or 1000D Tarpaulin material. Both are highly water-resistant, but the but the Ballistic Nylon version is reinforced and lined making it even tougher.

incase tracto split duffel bag waterproof

The Tracto Split Duffel opens from the centre, making it quick and easy to pack. Mesh curtains help segment your things into compartments. It features both straps and a single handle for easy carry. You can detach the straps if you prefer using the quick release buckles on either end.

To accommodate a range of travel needs, this duffel is available in four sizes—40, 60, 90, and 120-litre capacities.

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incase tracto split duffel bag open

black incase tracto split duffel bag

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