Introducing Rapha’s ‘City Collection’ Sunglasses

Rapha’s newest collection of Sunglasses, the City Collection, is a new range of shades that are both stylish and functional. They look like a pair of stylish sunglasses but have many highly technical features that make them beloved by cyclists.

rapha two sunglasses temples

The City Glasses are styled for everyday living but feature the technical functionality of sports eyewear. These shades are inspired by a combination of modern aesthetic and vintage racing design. They feature tough stainless steel arms and a unique cotton-like material on the temple grips helps the specs shape to the rider’s head.

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Made in Italy, these premium glasses are very high-quality. They are made from Mazzucchelli Italian acetate. This material is both lightweight and durable. They weigh just 30 grams, which is lighter than most sports pairs of sunglasses. They feature a unique two-position locking system. This feature helps keep them secure while you are playing futbol or riding your bike. The practical temple grip allows them to be adjusted for a perfect fit.

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The Carl Zeiss lenses feature a hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, oleophobic material for exceptional visual clarity. There are two versions, a green lense that transmits just under 13 percent light and a brown lens that transmits less than 10 percent.

Available in tortoiseshell colours, including French Alps and LA. These chic frames complement a range of outfits. They come in five different colours and two different shapes, round and square. The lenses come in a regular sunglass version or you can have them made into prescription lenses if you need.

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