Keeping Up With the Bakers – Ted Baker SS17 Collection

Luxury retailer Ted Baker is never short on creativity. That extends well beyond their stunning garb into the concepts behind each amazing campaign. Yes, there’s some serious storyboarding going on in Ted Baker’s marketing department!

For the SS17 Collection, Ted Baker introduces us to the Bakers, a stylish new couple that just moved on to Tailor’s Lane. The street is located in a surreal neighbourhood that’s part Norman Rockwell, part Desperate Housewives. Lurking just beneath the picture perfect veneer of white-toothed smiles and Sunday barbecues is a community overly obsessed with appearances, to the point of rendering the pursuit of fashion practically lifeless. With the Bakers in town, that’s all about to change.

In Keeping Up With The Bakers, Ted Baker undermines the judgemental pretentions of a stuffy, image conscious community with a range of garb that’s visually appealing but never without an approachable edge. The Bakers effortlessly upend societal norms by way of bright tones and laidback vibes, by extension capturing the modern fashion zeitgeist where true impressions are made when they aren’t forced. However, that doesn’t mean the competitive spirit isn’t alive and well. The Bakers might be taking a relaxed approach, but they remain fully aware of the fact that each outfit they show off is slowly upstaging the neighbourhood and shredding a superficial, claustrophobic atmosphere to bits in the process.

ted baker ss17 collection pink color code

Since Ted Baker never goes halfway on their campaigns, Keeping Up With the Bakers is far more than just concept. Included in the marketing is a photographic backdrop lifted straight out of David Lynch’s suburbia, where all the dark secrets remain painstakingly concealed by shiny green blades of glass and white picket fences. That’s accompanied by theoretical TV episodes complete with Netflix ratings and cheeky loglines.

The result is a collection that radiates with a deeper sense of purpose, inviting you to not only partake with relish, but to furthermore eradicate the conformist expectations around you by way of unconventional colours, touchy-feely textures and details that exude creativity and approachability in equal measure–all without losing your sense of humour of course.

ted baker ss17 collection kkumar leather derby brogues

KKUMAR Leather derby brogues

Made from premium Italian leather, the hand-finished KKUMAR brogues are the epitome of classic style with a perfect touch of visual flair. The stunning shoes are masterpieces of subtle detail with an embossed peacock feather patterned sole, a luxurious patina and brilliant wingtip detailing. Make like Mr. Baker and snag a pair immediately.

QUINT Contrast leather satchel

Just because you catch that morning commuter train like all the other corporate slaves, doesn’t mean you can’t do it with eye-catching style. Turn all the nearest heads by keeping the QUINT Contrast Leather Satchel by your side. This refined beauty is made from 100% Bovine leather and features smooth Polyester lining, buckle fastening, interior compartments and a premium contrast design.

ted baker ss17 collection jorge floral cotton shirt

JORGE Floral cotton shirt

For a supreme example of how the Bakers are effortlessly creating such a stir amongst their stuffy neighbours, look no further than the JORGE Floral Cotton Shirt. This refreshing, short-sleeved 100% cotton shirt combines breeziness and style with the utmost precision. The floral pattern emanates approachability and the modern fit means you’ll never be the slightest bit uncomfortable even as you break from convention. Sit back, relax, and watch all the other men follow your lead. After all, just because you look laidback doesn’t mean you’re not slaying the competition.

ted baker ss17 collection brown color shoes

ted baker ss17 collection black color bag

ted baker ss17 collection wearing and shirt


ted baker ss17 collection jastela floral jacquard blazer

LAAVATO Linen-blend shirt

Here we have a long-sleeve shirt as beautifully blue as those dreamy blue suburban skies. Featuring a cotton and linen blend, the LAAVATO shirt is yet another stunner that pairs approachability and fashion without missing a beat. You’ll feel cooler just looking at this item, let alone wearing it.

JASTELA Floral jacquard blazer

We can virtually guarantee the neighbours and the older guys at the office have never seen anything quite like the JASTELA blazer. It screams style with a beautiful floral design, and begs to be touched thanks to a 100% Polyester shell. Let’s just hope the desperate housewife next door can keep her hands to herself, Mr. Baker!

DEBUT Textured Crew Neck Sweater

With ribbed detailing and a modern, textured finish, the DEBUT Crew Neck Sweater is the kind of garb you want to essentially wear at all hours. Like so many of the other entries in the SS17 collection, this long-sleeved winner practically demands to be felt between the fingertips of an overly flirtatious neighbour.
ted baker ss17 men wearing shirt

ted baker ss17 collection nice color coat

ted baker ss17 collection nice sweater

ted baker ss17 collection parrsho parrot print shorts

PARRSHO Parrot print shorts

Nothing quite says breezy and dapper like a nice pair of tropic-themed PARRSHO Parrot print shorts. But don’t be fooled into thinking these are some below-the-waistline version of a Hawaiian shirt. The masterfully made cotton shorts flaunt amazing texture and printed images that are tasteful, not tacky. Wear them to the next barbecue and watch as all the men stop talking about the ball game and start asking where they can get themselves a pair.

ted baker ss17 collection jorge floral cotton shirt

JORGE Floral Cotton shirt

There’s gossip going around at the local country club house. All the ladies simply can’t stop talking about Mr. Baker! There’s just something so modern, approachable and charming about him. They can’t place what it is exactly, but they just want to get to know him more. If only they knew his secret was the JORGE Floral Cotton shirt he wore at last week’s picnic.

DARTMOR Slim fit Oxford chinos

Keep it simple and impressionable with the DARTMOR Oxford chinos. They include the basics–meaning four pockets, belt loops and both zip and button fastening–but still manage to stand out from the pack thanks to a perfect slim fit and unmistakable light red colour. Infusing that slim fit with a little breathing room is the use of 3% Elastane.

ted baker ss17 collection small paint

ted baker ss17 collection black color shirt
ted baker ss17 collection full paint

ted baker ss17 collection onslow quilted bomber

ONSLOW Quilted bomber

Get up close to the ONSLOW bomber and you’ll notice a brilliant quilted design. Pair that with a baseball collar and plenty of pocket room and you’ve got the best of form and function in one remarkable silhouette. Given all the newfound attention Mr. Baker’s been getting, it’s a surprise Mrs. Baker lets him out at all!

PERSIM Embossed leather Derby shoes

The PERSIM Derbys are part of the Ted Baker Well Heeled collection and “well heeled” is right. These breathtaking, embossed leather beauties tout a distinguished design that somehow remains elegant in spite of the fact that you could spot it from across the room.

ted baker ss17 collection italy textured jersey blazer

ITALY Textured jersey blazer

Formal gatherings were never the same after Mr. Baker showed up wearing the ITALY Textured jersey blazer. Like so many other items from the SS17 collection, the single-breasted blazer is the perfect fusion of style, comfort and sociability. It makes those regular conformist blazers look downright inadequate by comparison.
ted baker ss17 collection black color blazer
ted baker ss17 collection black color shoes
ted baker ss17 collection ash color code

ted baker ss17 collection nice images

Word travels fast in small towns and the Bakers have everyone talking. Some of the locals are jealous, others curious. Whatever the reaction, it seems that nothing will be the same in suburbia, where the folks have never seen such an explosion of texture, colour and unforgettable 3D prints. The Bakers, of course, are just sitting back and enjoying the show. Haters gonna hate, after all, and all others will soon hop on board.

The Ted Baker SS17 asks that you forget the latent, soul-killing demands of quiet conformity and break free from convention with the Bakers. With only the best use of design and texture, Ted Baker’s latest is veritably a range to fall in love with.



This article has been written in partnership with Ted Baker.