The ‘Krystal Ship” Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner

We’ve seen some pretty cool fan-based shit come through our doors here at Man of Many over the years, but as huge fans of Breaking Bad, this has got to be one of the funniest. While the show may have ended in 2013, the hype surrounding it is still on point – proved nowhere more so than this hilarious homage to the lovable meth-cooks.

Though the original RV was the production site for many an illegal batch of ice, and Jessie’s favourite place to get on the glass barbie, this one is all about relaxation and zen, designed for incense.

breaking bad rv incense burner bullet ridden door

Called the ‘Krystal Ship,’ the officially-licensed miniature is a close replica of the famous RV. The only thing that it is missing is a miniature Walt and Jesse. The model even features a bullet-ridden door, just like the one on the show. Open the tiny door and slip in your favourite cone of incense – the smoke pours out of an air vent located on top of the small van.

You can use the replica with any shape of cone incense. The miniature is a little over a foot long. It is hand-wash only and “suitable for ages 13 and up” (how do they even decide that?). It’s probably not the best idea to invite your ten-year-old nephew to come over and cook incense in a mobile methamphetamine lab look alike anyway.

The Krystal Ship is a great conversation starter for when your friends come over to visit. It’ll also make your house smell good too.

Check it out

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