Local Supply Digital Readers are Blue-Light Glasses with Street Cred

Local Supply is best known for its stylish, affordable sunglasses, and now the Sydney-based brand is ready to protect your eyes in a completely different way with its blue light-blocking Digital Readers.

Local Supply’s non-prescription Digital Readers are fitted with blue light protective lenses made by internationally leading lens producer Carl Zeiss Vision. This eyewear is designed to eliminate eye strain by filtering out harmful blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and LED lights.

There are eight Digital Readers styles available for both men and women who want to look their best while working in front of a monitor or just scrolling the socials in bed at night. The collection takes Local Supply’s best-selling frames and fits them with the blue-light lenses so it’s the same styles you may recognise at the beach or on the streets.

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Not all blue light is bad. We use the natural blue light from the sun to heighten our energy and mood, which, in turn, allows us to stay awake during the day. The problem is excessive screen use can result in overexposure to blue light. This can cause an imbalance in circadian rhythms, disrupting our body’s natural sleep patterns by reducing the production of the key sleep hormone Melatonin.

Beyond increasing quality of sleep, Local Supply’s Digital Readers can help avoid eye fatigue, visual stress and decrease the risk of macular degeneration. All that it takes is a pair of stylish frames with clear lenses to help combat these adverse effects.

Despite screens and monitors being a massive part of our daily lives, we’re only just waking up to the fact that they can be bad for our health. This revelation is unlikely to reduce time spent in front of a screen, so jump on this cost-effective solution to keep your eyes healthy and improve the odds of achieving a full eight hours each night.

Local Supply Digital Readers are available now and priced from $79.95 per pair.

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