Look Bomb in this Special Edition G.I. Joe L-2B Scout Bomber

The bomber jacket was originally used as a lightweight jacket for pilots to wear in temperatures between 50 and 86 degrees, specifically for members of the United States Air Force during the 1950s. And not only did the bomber jacket spread to other parts of the United States military—like the Navy and Army—but it also spread to the general public’s sense of style, as it was a cool and comfortable look for a man who wanted the cache of looking like a pilot without actually being one.

g i joe l2b scout bomber jacket side view

Today, the bomber jacket is still around in many forms, and this special edition G.I. Joe L-2B Scout bomber jacket from Alpha Industries may be one of the more unique ones currently out there. Designed as a collaboration between Hasbro, the toy turned game company, and Bait, this bomber is inspired by actual military bomber jackets and the jackets worn by the Hasbro-owned G.I. Joe characters. It’s breathable and water resistant, allowing you to wear it in just about every season, as long as it’s not the dead of summer. Better yet, the G.I. Joe L-2B Scout bomber is machine washable in cold water and doesn’t need to be dry cleaned.

A jacket like this one will be a loyal and reliable part of your look for years.

Check it out

g i joe l2b scout bomber jacket back side

g i joe l2b scout bomber jacket cartoon image

g i joe l2b scout bomber jacket zipper

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