Louis Vuitton Diagnosed with a Severe Case of Football Fever

Louis Vuitton and FIFA have a close-knit relationship. Since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Parisian fashion house has provided football’s governing body with the official travel case for the coveted World Cup trophy. For the 2018 World Cup in Russia, that relationship has expanded to encompass a new licensed leather goods collection inspired by a true football icon – the Telstar.

In 1970, adidas unveiled the Telstar, the first 32-panel black-and-white ball to be used during the FIFA World Cup finals. This legendary ball is making a comeback as the official match ball for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It’s also the basis for the Louis Vuitton x FIFA capsule.

louis vuitton keepall and apollo bag

The collection includes unique versions of Keepall and Apollo bags, plus a selection of small leather goods all embossed with the Telstar’s hexagon pattern. Each coloured hexagon possesses a richly textured feel, reminiscent of classic footballs.

The bags are made with Louis Vuitton’s classic Epi leather first introduced in the 1920s, with the majority of the styles proposed in 3 colour combinations. There’s nothing to indicate that the fashion house’s had anything to do with these designs but we’re curious to see what he has coming up.

For the serious football fans, there is an exclusive Made-To-Order Keepall in a rich palette of 8 pentagon colours. Each can be associated with one of the 5 trim colours for a patriotic bag that represents almost any national flag. An Epi leather luggage tag embossed with the national flags of any of the 35 nations participating in the World Cup completes this offer.

different design leather louis vuitton bag

The Louis Vuitton 2018 FIFA World Cup Official Licensed Collection will be available from June 14th until July 15th, 2018 in The George Street Maison, Sydney and Louis Vuitton Chadstone, Melbourne. The collection will also be available online.

The other big announcements are that the French label recently introduced its Also, there’s that allows you to track your luggage through the airport.

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vuitton louis leather bag carry handler

vuitton louis leather hand case

side  view vuitton louis leather hand case

black color vuitton louis leather hand case

black color vuitton louis leather football case

leather tags

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