Luxury Extended – Bellroy XO Barney’s New York Collection Adds New Colours

Australia’s premium wallet brand Bellroy and luxury department store Barney’s New York are extending their exclusive partnership with the most popular products of the collection being released in vibrant new colours.

The two brands first joined forces in 2016 for the Bellroy XO Barneys Collection. The positive response spurred the creation of existing Bellroy XO Barneys styles in two new colours: the subtle yet considered Burnt Sienna and Navy. Plus the collection adds the classic Bellroy Note Sleeve.

 bellroy and luxury note sleeve wallet

Bellroy Bags Flex Whichever Direction Life Takes You

“Our first XO range was a super exciting project that challenged us to create something new,” says Bellroy’s Global Sales Director, Josh Rogers. “In doing round two, we’ve been able to push the boundaries a little further through material and structure.”

The Bellroy XO Barneys collection features the Note Sleeve mentioned above, which is an all-rounder for your bills, cards and coins. The Slim Sleeve is a smaller version perfect for suit pockets and tailored pants. The Card Sleeve is the slimmest style of the collection. It’s ideal for business cards or functions as a wallet for the true minimalist.

The Hide and Seek is tailored specificially for US currency and features a hidden coin pocket. The Travel Wallet is Bellroy’s most popular travel product, and this version features an extra touch of class.

 bellroy and luxury black slim sleeve wallet

Each product in the range features Bellroy’s signature environmentally certified leather, accentuated by hand-painted edges, silver embossings, and a nubuck suede lining.

“The range is for people who find solace in bespoke pieces that are fresh, modern and expressive. Expect elevated finishes, attention to detail, and modern interpretations of Bellroy’s key formats,” adds Rogers.

The extended Bellroy XO Barneys collection is available online and at selected Barney’s New York stores.

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 bellroy and luxury blue card sleeve wallet

 bellroy and luxury hide and seek wallet

 bellroy and luxury travel wallet

 bellroy and luxury wallet on the ground

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