McDonald’s Sweden’s Clever Balenciaga Diss

When it comes to the world of haute fashion, one brand name and one alone takes the piss more than any others in terms of charging exorbitant prices for what often appear to be everyday items.

A couple of years back, the Italian fashion label Balenciaga released a bag that was almost identical in every way to the famous blue $1 IKEA carry bag, though theirs had an asking price north of two grand. IKEA responded with a fitting dose of cheek.

The company then went on to find themselves in court when Air Fresh decided to sue them for appropriating their ubiquitous pine tree air freshener, by turning the iconic shape into a keyring.

A US$275 keyring, no less.

Now, it’s Maccas’ turn to flame Balenciaga on social media.

McDonald’s Sweden posted this image of a model wearing French fry cartons as shoes, apparently as a tongue-in-cheek diss at the label’s much-derided square-toe leather mules, which, to be completely frank, look a f*cking lot like Maccas fry cartons, however you look at them.

The caption, which is obviously in Swedish, translates to: “If we get 103,042 likes, we release them for real”, though given the meagre 14,466 likes currently on the post, it’s not looking likely.

That said, a single egg is currently sitting on 53 million likes, so anything is possible.