Men’s Fashion Blogger Miles Wharton Launches AVAVI Paris

Men’s fashion blogger, tailor and social media influencer Miles Wharton is no stranger to luxury clothing. Aside from his very literally titled blog and Instagram account, @mensfashionblogger, he’s also one half of the brains behind The Bespoke Corner, Sydney’s premier out-call tailoring service. Amassing a small string of successful businesses in his wake, Miles has now decided that high-end clothing is his natural calling. What’s resulted is a loyal following of happy customers, who rely on The Bespoke Corner’s tailoring services to make sure they’re decked out in the very best threads without any time wasted, all year round.

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miles wharton avavi paris black tshirt

Like all good businessmen, however, Miles Wharton can’t just settle on one idea once it’s up and running, and has now expanded his passion for premium clothing beyond the ultra-luxury market that is perfect suiting and luxury tuxedos.

His new label, AVAVI Paris, fills a hole in a huge marketplace by providing the same level of quality as premium well-established fashion houses, but with a price-point that’s far more accessible.

“We wanted to create a luxury streetwear line on the side that would sort of be more for people to wear on the weekend” Miles says, his English accent sparsely noticeable thanks to years of travelling the world before settling in Australia.

“When we were looking at it, everyone at that sort of the level of quality we were looking for was just very, very overpriced. We were looking to try to find a space in between that’s still giving you that amazing quality of Japanese denim and shoes made in Europe, but at an affordable price.”

While it might tie in somewhat with his current clientele in that it’s pitched as a premium label, AVAVI Paris opens Miles up to a new demographic, who yearn for better priced, high-quality streetwear.

miles wharton avavi paris white jeans

“It’s a completely different clientele, and completely different business. AVAVI Paris is only online so it’s nothing to do with the store or the same client at all. It’s targeting for a younger generation. It’s people that are purchasing Givenchy, Gucci – those sort of brands.

“We’ve got sneakers that are made in Europe. There are three ranges of sneakers at the start. We’ve got tee shirts that are made in Australia and then we’re going to have denim that is going to be made in Japan. ”

Designed by Miles in Sydney, but inspired by Paris (thanks to the influence of one of his business partners, a Parisian), the items on offer are an eclectic mix of t-shirts designs, unique sneakers and, coming soon, top-of-the-line denim from the modern Mecca of jeans, Japan. There’s a double monk sneaker, for when you need to bring the street to the boardroom. There’s a t-shirt that says: “Kiss me like you love me, fuck me like you hate me.” Simple, clever and stylish ideas, without losing the unique, street-driven edge inherent to the concept.

The ambitious, fashion-forward Brit is no stranger to starting new brands and making business ideas come to fruition, having started his first ever business out of his boarding school dorm room when he was a teenager.

miles wharton white tshirt hand on the head

“I started my first business when I was 15. It was a supplement company, which I ran out of my boarding room dorm when I was at school. It sort of started there and then I had an event business, and dropped out of Uni to keep going with that. Then I moved to Australia, had various businesses over here: a personal training business then a social media agency, and then obviously the clothing lines that I’m involved in now.

“Primarily my focus is on the high end luxury market. That’s why we are trying to focus on formal wear – we’ve pretty much nailed that, and so now it’s more to get the casual wear so that we’ve got a product we could sell to people that necessarily they don’t wear suits or they want to just have something casual in their wardrobe for the weekend – the essential clothing.”

Speaking of nailing the formal wear market isn’t really bragging for Miles: it’s quite true. Just earlier this year, The Bespoke Corner teamed up with the ultimate luxury car marque Rolls Royce to collaborate on a very limited release of tuxedo jackets to pair with their Ghost and Wraith models. This has now led to other highly sought after partnerships in the world of fashion.

miles wharton white tshirt reclining on wall sitting

“We sold out of all of the tuxedos that we produced for them. We made 30 each different design and they’ve all sold out, which is great. Then we’ve just done a collaboration with Christian Louboutin, where we made a jacket for them with the spikes from the shoes on the pocket of the jacket.

“We’re working on a new one which I can’t say too much about, but it’s going to be a street graffiti artist that will be making a one off piece on a jacket. Basically a jacket will be hand painted and then sold for a lot of money. That’s as much as I can say.”

Exciting projects aside, AVAVI Paris essentially boils down to what Miles is looking to find when he shops for himself.

“I guess to me when I look to purchase myself, I don’t mind spending money on clothing or footwear or anything like that – as long as I can see the quality of it. For us the main thing was to make sure the quality is still as high as the sort of top brands that are charging over $1,000 for a pair of shoes. But we’re charging under $400. The main focus was having elegant design but having a little twist on it.

miles wharton avavi paris white shoes

“Like on the shoes, we’ve got a hand stitched cross on the back of the heel. There are certain elements that when you look at it, the attention to detail is very similar to our suiting. It’s got that hand stitch, its got those small elements that people, when they actually notice it, they see that it’s slightly different and a little bit more interesting than just your standard shoe.”

Nothing that Miles has done has been standard to date, so we wouldn’t expect anything less from AVAVI Paris.

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