Military Board Bag Takes Lessons from the Best

Military personnel know the importance of having functional and durable equipment. Noexcuseco took that same lesson and applied it to their Military Board Bag. The bag is made of 22 ounce military tent canvas and leather. It comes with a slightly distressed look, which adds to its character testifies to its rugged nature. The bag is large enough to fit surfboards that are 5.5 to 7 feet long. Two leather straps with buckles close the bag. The edge is trimmed in leather and a handle is centered on the top to help with carrying.

military board bag with white scooter

The bag also has shoulder straps for easy carrying. The designers also boast that it can easily be used to carry your board on a motorcycle. There is a large pocket on side, with a smaller pocket on the opposite side for all of your implements and supplies. If surfing isn’t your thing, the back can be adjusted by rolling down the top to make it into a stylish backpack. You can easily use the bag to carry sleeping bags, tents, sleeping mats, or other bulky items.

a man carrying military board bag

While the bag is definitely durable, it’s the look of it that is most striking. The mix of canvas and leather speaks to high quality, but the distressed look gives it a look of experience—as if to say that it has been places and done things most people just dream about. It’s the kind of bag that makes the owner look that much more accomplished.

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a man takes military board bag

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