The Misc. Goods Ceramic Flask

Misc. Goods creates American-made products with a “stream of consciousness,” according to the founder Tyler Deeb. The former graphic designer’s creations are beautiful and sophisticated. They include things that every modern man needs—playing cards, wallets and a flask.

misc ceramic flask often essential item in your pocket

A flask is an often-essential item to have in your pocket – what better way to make quick friends than with a cheeky flask of booze? Handing someone a flask of whisky is kind of like shaking their hand. It creates an unspoken bond to have a little fun and enjoy the libations. It’s also an undeniably great way to stay warm in the winter, and provides a welcome diversion when the game gets boring.

vegetable tanned leather straps secure cork stopper

The Misc. Goods Flask is similar to all of their other products—handcrafted with exquisite detail. It is made out of white clay and features attractive embossed artwork on both faces. This is a sophisticated flask that would be ideal for more formal occasions. It is the kind of flask that makes a statement. It says that you’re a grown man that owns nice things.

The Ceramic Flask measures approximately 6-inches high with quarter-inch thick walls. There are two oil and vegetable tanned leather straps that help to secure the cork stopper. The straps feature contrasting light and dark leathers. A brass button and stud also work in conjunction to hold the stopper in place.

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