Nike's latest yoga collection introduces the company's latest fabric innovation, Infinalon

Nike’s New Yoga Collection Uses a New Fabric, Infinalon

Nike’s new yoga collection promises “movement without restriction” thanks to their latest innovation in fabric—Infinalon. Infinalon was designed to keep “stretch, size, softness and smoothing top of mind for the ultimate mat experience.” Those qualities promise to change yoga apparel for every yoga practitioner and athlete out there.

Infinalon’s qualities start with improved stretchability. Using the same amount of force, the stretch and recovery of Infinalon is double that of fabric made from spandex. In effect, Infinalon eliminates stretch lockout, and provides a consistent and comfortable fit regardless of the pose you’re in. Infinalon is also lighter weight. Made with a finer yarn that is woven into multiple layers, Infinalon is lighter, more breathable, and has a higher density. It stays soft to the touch, however, and offers sculpting, contouring, and shaping benefits.

This new fabric will be used in Nike’s new line of yoga gear, which will include leggings, pants, shorts, and bodysuits for all genders and body types, from extra small to plus sizes. Nike also explains that “thoughtful seam placement and minimal trims contribute to a zero-distraction apparel experience.” Some items have already been released with the new material, with more items planned for April 1st.

With a new year upon us, and with plenty of resolutions centered on getting healthier, there’s no reason to handicap yourself straight out of the gate by wearing gear that will either hold you back or make your experience miserable. Nike’s fabric innovation, Infinalon, can make the experience more enjoyable. And if yoga isn’t your thing, just be patient. No doubt Nike will introduce the material into other lines as well. After all, a fabric with this kind of resiliency and comfort is one that will suit all sports and activities well.

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