It’s Not a Bag, It’s a Lander Carry System

We feature a fair few travel and luggage solutions here on the site, but not many are quite as thorough as this. The Carry System from Lander has looked at every conceivable requirement an explorer heading off the beaten track could need for a few days of adventure, with some cool modern additions, and turned it into a very handy reality. The super robust crash-pad at the back is one feature we particularly like – this makes it easy to take your valuable and fragile electronics with you all the way, giving immense protection from the rough-and-tumble handling that’s typical for time spent outdoors.

lander carry system bag on the ground

Compartments for everything are aplenty, and their Hot Route internal wire-ways make charging on the go an easy task. It’s big too, with enough room to keep you sated abroad for a couple of days. With tapes seams and zips, it’ll keep all the contents dry from the rain, truly qualifying it as the ultimate backpack for getting your laptop into the great wild yonder with peace of mind.

To find out the other great features and score one at a reduced price on Kickstarter, click below.

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lander carry system best travel bag

lander carry system charging  bag

lander carry system bag hidden zipper pocket

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