OK, Backpack – Radiohead X Millican Blank Canvas

Sometimes collaborations are the perfect union of two minds, coming together for the sake of all that is good, all for the sake of giving the world something it didn’t know it always needed. Jagger and Bowie, Bowie and Queen, The Queen and Daniel Craig; the list is endless, and the world is better for such achievements.

Then there are collaborations that make you say “huh? I don’t get it…” This is the latter.

radiohead x millican backpack side and back view

Despite the fact that one of the world’s most polarising bands have teamed up with Millican to create a backpack, there’s something undeniably cool about it. The roll-style bag is made with entirely sustainable materials (40 recycled plastic bottles, in fact) and practices, in line with lead singer Thom Yorke’s strict personal affiliation with not ruining the world for future generations.

The design is taken straight from their A Moon Shaped Pool album cover, and the bag is released to coincide with their 2017 spring tour. Numbers are limited and almost certain to be snapped up hastily by loyal fans – though some will no doubt be up for grabs, albeit for a lot more dosh, in years to come.

Check it out

radiohead x millican backpack moon shaped

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