There are No Sidearms on these Ombraz Shades

Ombraz is the little brand making a big splash within the sunglasses industry. The Seattle-based start-up has solved a few age-old issues experienced with traditional frames by eliminating the sidearms. We’re not talking the weapons used by law enforcement, but the very arms that seemed essential for keeping glasses in place.

Instead of sidearms, Ombraz sunnies are attached to a stylish, custom-made cord that sits comfortably around the neck and can be adjusted so that the frames remain in place. Beyond offering a unique look, the cord almost guarantees that these bad boys will never take a fall.

unique sunglasses design

Ombraz sunglasses are equipped with polarised Zeiss optic lenses and hand-made from eco-friendly acetate. There are no screws or hinges because the less moving parts, the better. Wear them in the surf, on a trail or under a helmet.

Ombraz is well aware that you may be sceptical (we were initially), but after trying a pair, most wearers (including us) are pleasantly surprised. Backpacker Magazine even chose Ombraz for the Editor’s Choice Award for Spring 2019.

Ombraz frames are available now in Tortoise, Charcoal and Matte Brown colourways while the lenses come in grey, brown or yellow. Ombraz plants 20 trees for every pair of sunglasses sold. That’s over 50,000 trees planted since launching last year. You do the math.

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unique sunglasses design

unique sunglasses design