How Oscar Hunt are Nailing ‘Different’

With social media advertising bombarding us each day with crap it knows we like based on our follows, likes and search history, it’s easy to get swamped with ad campaign after ad campaign of the same banal messaging. Another handsome bloke with a chiselled jaw in a chequered suit and no socks, sitting on a rock in Bondi. We get it – tailored suits are in and they’re moderately accessible. There’s nothing wrong with communicating your brand to the big wide world of men’s style-a-gram accounts, but anyone can see how easy it is to get lost in a monotonous world of influencers and Instagram.

oscar hunt suit stylish mood

This is where Oscar Hunt have side-stepped the norms of marketing by finding unconventional ways to get their message (and great suits) out to the general public. One thing you’ll surely recognise is their ‘Classic’ campaign. Instead of hiring a 6″3 alpha who’d normally go shirtless to don some tweed for an hour and stand in a field of wheat, they’ve conveyed the message that this is sartorial elegance for real gentlemen by putting old-timers in their ads.

oscar hunt suit men looking sky

Instead of coming off as an old-man’s brand, however, they’ve effectively communicated their desire to be taken seriously as a real man’s tailoring service, and not a fashion label. Nobody can look at these images – two blokes just hanging out and trading war-stories (I may have invented a back-story for them) – and not come to the conclusion that true style is timeless.

oscar hunt suit scarf on the neck

Then they have this kick-ass video featuring professional ballet dancer Chris Rodgers-Wilson and Oscar Hunt co-owner Julian Lichtenstein having a dance off because why the hell not.

However you like to wear your suit, it’s easy to see that Oscar Hunt are passionate about getting the business of men, not boys.

Oscar Hunt

oscar hunt two hands standing together

oscar hunt suit long collar

oscar hunt suit two men talking each other

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