Paco Rabanne Launches Invictus Legend Scent for Road Warriors

The latest campaign for Paco Rabanne sure looks expensive. The minute-long video draws inspiration from Mad Max: Fury Road with the addition of a gorgeous woman on a horse, some sort of sand monster and a shirtless Australian model that may or may not be one of the X-Men.

Fun video aside, the campaign showcases the new Paco Rabanne fragrancesInvictus Legend for men and Olympéa Legend for women. Both are remixed versions of classic scents. Invictus Legend retains the signature ingredients of laurel, grapefruit and intense guaiac wood enhanced with a metallic freshness that blasts through the burning desert heat. The previous Invictus channelled the freshness of ocean spray.

Paco Rabanne’s talents extend beyond designer fragrances to the world of creative writing, providing written descriptions as entertaining as the Road Warrior-inspired video above. Here’s what they had to say about the trophy-shaped bottle:

“When you’re in it to win, what is a prize?
The Invictus Trophy, calibrated for victory:
Lacquered glass on a powerful plinth capped I metal.
A prize for heroes.
The colour?
All the shades of night blue.
Forged for a legend.
Powerful like victory.”

Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend and Olympéa Legend are available at Myer and David Jones stores across Australia. You can head over to the Paco Rabanne website for an interactive video that provides a behind the scenes look at the campaign.

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