Top Menswear Trends in 2019 According to Pinterest

Clothes. We all wear them, though we make no claim to understand them. But out there are brave souls who make the effort to figure out what the deal with menswear is, and they have gathered on Pinterest to provide us with a picture of what 2019 will bring, blokes’ duds-wise.

Pinterest‘s most-searched list for items of menswear in 2018 is seen as a decent guide to what’s gonna be hot this year, so if you’re into male couture and looking stylish, check this out.

Last year saw a 70 per cent increase in searches for light-wash denim, which is good news for those of us who recognise denim as the only fabric yet invented that is worthy of an organised religion.

Meanwhile, there was a stunning 1,184 per cent increase in searches for sling bags, which is a great relief because it means that the male population has finally come to terms with the fact that carrying a bag is an incredibly sensible way to live your life. Why would anyone NOT have a sling bag, is what we want to know.

Corduroy was also much sought after, which means…we don’t know what this means. We can’t explain this at all.

Also flying up the charts were trousers both cropped and tartan, mismatched prints. quarter socks and neck scarves. All this means that men are, in general, looking great these days, though whether it’s worth the effort is the great imponderable.

Top Menswear Trends for 2019

Vintage Watches

vintage watches wearing in the hand

Light Wash Denim

light wash denim jeans

Mixed Prints

mixed prints shirt and pant

Sling Bags

sling bags supreme


corduroy shirt

French Crop Haircuts

french crop haircuts


plaid shoes and pant

Neck Scarves

neck scarves

Cropped Trousers

cropped trousers

Quarter Socks

quarter socks