Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Reloaded Reboots an Icon

The Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Reloaded sunglasses take a look back at the classics, and nothing is more classic or iconic than the aviator style sunglasses. The glasses came about after Bausch & Lomb were assigned by Colonel John A. Macready of the US Army Air Corps to create a pair of glasses that American pilots could use when flying. From that cockpit, the glasses rose in popularity and have remained a staple in sunglass design. The Outdoorsman took a more rugged approach to the teardrop shape of the lens, enclosing them in bold plastic circles that rested on a full metal frame. The brow bar was also added to finish off the look.

ray ban black and golden sunglass preview

The modern reloaded version is made in Italy from only the best materials. You can choose from the classic Havana tortoiseshell, gold with black (and polarized lenses), or silver with pale tan. The challenge will be getting a pair. Production was extremely limited, so if you’re interested in a pair, you’ll need to move quickly.

Check it out

reload ray ban full view

front view ray ban reload sunglass

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