Richardson X PornHub Collab Already Sold Out

For those of us who are enthusiastic fans of pornographic video aggregator site PornHub – and let’s not assume that any of us are, although let’s also admit probably all of us are – there’s one experience we can all relate to: sitting down and enjoying some good wholesome erotica, but having the experience spoilt by the nagging feeling that it would be far more satisfactory if you also had access to high-quality branded apparel.

As is usually the case, where a need is identified, PornHub is there to fill it. The site has collaborated with clothing brand Richardson to produce a line of stylish and attractive garments for every pornography fan to don.

richardson x pornhub collab footwear

The PornHub x Richardson collab includes such snazzy items as a bomber jacket featuring the flags of the world, with those of all the countries where PornHub is banned crossed out in a fashionable protest; a gorgeous t-shirt featuring the autographs of a variety of PornHub stars; and a wide variety of similarly eye-catching gear, from hoodies to sweaters to caps to playing cards.

richardson x pornhub collab t shirt

Some might question the marketability of such a product line, given that as popular as pornography is, many ladies and gentlemen prefer not to advertise their fandom on their person when in public. However, PornHub and Richardson have given the lie to that assumption, as the website shows every single one of these products as “Sold Out”.

Bad news for those wishing to slip on a PornHub hoodie ASAP: we can only hope stocks are replenished in the near future.

Pornhub Apparel

richardson x pornhub black t shirt

richardson x pornhub hoodie sweater

richardson x pornhub jacket back