Robert De Niro’s Favourite Brand Zegna Launches New Leather Gifts Collection

Italian fashion label Ermenegildo Zegna is redefining both entertainment and special occasions by launching an exclusive collection of luxury gifts made with the brand’s innovative Pelle Tessuta leather.

The modern man will benefit from a refined range of electronics including headphones and turntables with Pelle Tessuta leather trim, built in collaboration with high-end audio brand Master & Dynamic. The stylish technology is complemented by everyday office samples such as card and coin cases and valet trays.

zegna leather coin and card case with bag

The Toyz Collection enriches classic gifts concepts through a sophisticated range of timeless games including cards, noughts and crosses and dominos. The collection is capped off with a luxurious leather bag paired with a shoe and clothing care kit. You can store the care kit inside the bag, but it’s much too lovely for that.

Pelle Tessuta, the chosen material is weaved from thin strips of Nappa leather on Zenga’s special looms. Look for the new Ermenegildo Zegna collection in stores from October 20th.

Incase you missed it, Taxi Driver himself Robert De Niro is a big fan of the brand. He and choreographer Benjamin Millepied are part of Zegna’s Defining Moments campaign. It’s worth checking out the companion film on the Zenga site to see what makes the two tick and why they adore New York.

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zegna leather coin case

zegna leather card case

zegna leather bag wallet and coin case in zegna leather box

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