Roka’s Apex Range is Top-Level Eyewear

Advanced Performance for Extreme conditions—the Roka Apex line of sunglasses was designed for sports performance demands that aren’t run of the mill. Based out of Austin, Texas, Roka holds more than 15 utility and design patents. They work with some of the world’s elite athletes, including World Champions, Olympians, and Ironman Champions. In fact, the Rio Olympics featured 18 athletes using Roka gear.

roka work with some of world elite athletes

In 2016, Roka debuted an eyewear collection. The Apex Range is their latest offering. Featuring ultra-lightweight construction, the glasses are built around an adjustable titanium core and can be customized for any fit. Roka also employed their patented Geko fit and retention system to make sure that the glasses fit well and stay on. Because they’re developed for athletes participating in extreme conditions, the Apex Range are also designed to be durable.

roka glasses are built titanium core

The lenses come in different colors (four or five depending on the style) and in different shapes. The SL-1x offers increased upward viewing area over their SL-1. The SR-1x increases the total viewing area of the SR-1, which was designed for smaller faces. Finally, the TL-1 is a one size, optimal fit for all purpose usage. Regardless of the style, the glasses feature a wrap-around design, making them much more useful for runner, cyclists, and athletes participating in other racing events.

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 roka apex sl 1x sunglasses for men

 roka apex sl 1x sunglass side view

 roka apex sl 1x lightweight sunglass

 roka apex sl 1x lightweight sunglass handle

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