David Subroto Scarves Add that Much Needed Colour to Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is on its way, and you’re going to need something fashionable to protect that neck of yours from the cold. Also vampires. They go for the neck. Designed as an extension of your style, David Subroto handwoven silk scarves are true statement pieces. Each of the 5 unique designs bears a distinct meld of traditional art with vivid, lively colours.

Silk is the fabric of choice thanks to its dynamic nature, taking well to dyes, capturing the vibrant colours. When draped, silk moves in a fluid motion, bringing the print to life. Silk also has a soft texture and organic feel, keeping for years to come. Some may call these scarf designs a concoction. David Subroto prefers “modern classic.”

live image david subroto scarves

“Each scarf is a head-turner in its own right, but they can accessorise almost any outfit,” says Subroto. “The look can be refreshed again and again, year after year. Silk is long-lasting, robust, and of course, one of the softest fabrics we have.”

Each scarf is handcrafted using a screen printing process that results in a one-of-a-kind print. Colour is mixed to achieve the desired swatch, then it’s manually transferred to the fabric. The finished scarf is natural and raw in its beauty, showcasing the artistic imperfections of true craftsmanship.

noir design david subroto scarves

“That’s my goal with the scarves. To capture the vigour and verve of cosmopolitan life in a timeless wearable,” adds Subroto. There are 5 unique scarf designs: Noir, Dusk, Iris, Jati and Izmir. Each measures 100cm x 100cm and is available now.

Pair a DS Scarf with the bright and playful Solo Socks and you just might give someone a seizure.

noir design david subroto scarves

dusk design david subroto scarves

iris design david subroto scarves

jati design david subroto scarves

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