Shady Deals at Shelly Beach with Pacifico Optical

Bondi-based Pacifico Optical are fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite brands of sunnies, and when they pull stunts like this, it’s easy to see why. To wrap-up their pop-up store in Manly, the team decided to host a party on Shelly Beach, handing out red and white ‘Pacifico Optical‘ beach umbrellas, Fiji Water, C Coconut Water and Little Urchin Sunscreen, all in the name of preventing UV damage and going out with a bang.

beach capture

Pacifico Optical have been designing their celebrated frames in Bondi since they were first developed by two mates who shared a passion for great eyewear design and needed something to do in between swims.

Giving back to the locals is always a great way to win friends – even more so when they already love the crystal-clear lenses and durable acetate frames of Bondi’s best eyewear designers. Pacifico Optical have hosted a couple of super successful pop-ups so far, but you can always head to their website to purchase top-quality sunnies at any time.

Pacifico Optical

pacifica optical umbrella in the beach

women wearing pacifica optical sunglasses

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