Shinola Large Carryall Naturally Individualises

Shinola’s Large Carryall may come off the assembly line matching all the others, but over time, it will become as unique as its owner. That individualization happens in part because of the carryall’s high quality leather. As the bag gets rubbed, used, and carried, the leather’s color will change, giving it a variation completely different from any other bag. Because scratches can be easily rubbed out, care for this bag is stress free. This leather is tanned in Milwuakee, WI.

shinola leather bag in the shoulder

The carryall can also be adjusted to meet any needs. The sides can be unclipped for more packing space, and the straps can be changed up for comfort. Smaller items can be kept in the two interior pockets. The bag also features a larger interior pocket with a zipper for keeping important items safe.

shinola leather bag straps comfort

The gunmetal hardware is another nice addition. The color is muted, so that it doesn’t take away from the natural beauty of the leather. Instead, it accents it by adding that final touch.

shinola large carryall fits mold

The Shinola Large Carryall fits the mold of other Shinola products—only the highest quality materials assembled by on the best artisans. This is a bag that will last, and one that will stand as a tribute to your travels by chronicling your life in the colors and variations that come from use only you can provide.

shinola large carryall side

shinola smaller items kept two interior pockets

shinola muted color

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