Shinola & Michael Zeiba Team Up to Create a Beautiful Pocket Knife

A great pocket knife is something to behold. While the Swiss Army knife may be the most common pocket knife—maybe because it feels more like a tool than just a knife, which feels like a weapon—they are mass produced and lack the craftsmanship of a fine piece of metalwork. Pieces like the ones made by increasingly renowned knife maker Michael Zeiba of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, better known as New York City’s industrial park. His high end metal work and knife making have been internationally recognised with awards and feature articles in major newspapers and magazines.

shinola knife beautifully designed blade with titanium body

It has also gotten him a partnership with Shinola to create the MS3 Style Manhattan Pocket Knife, a beautifully designed blade with a titanium body with blue anodized parts and a 6.7 centimeter stainless steel blade. It has an extremely fluid, smooth action lock side fluid construction, that guarantees the knife won’t have any flaws in craftsmanship by Zeiba New York. The back also has a clip, allowing it to attach to your pants pocket, so that the knife won’t slide out when you sit down and stand up throughout the day, as it may be prone to due to it’s sleek exterior.

shinola knife smooth action lock side fluid construction

Now you can have a pocket knife that is as attractive as it is useful.

Check it out

shinola knife blue anodized part

shinola knife side view

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