SilverSocks are the Most Hygienic Socks in The World

In Breaking Bad, Walter White used his scientific know-how to ‘cook’ a product far superior to his competition. BeClothed follows a similar scientific path to Heisenberg with its hygienic SilverSocks, all while staying on the right side of the law. SilverSocks are made from naturally-antibacterial Silver, interwoven with smooth Twill cotton leading to an ultra-hygienic sock that kills all the germs on your feet and puts the competition to shame.

The natural germ-killing properties make SilverSocks cleaner and fresher than regular socks. The elemental Silver is weaved right in with the cotton, so the silver cannot wash-out and potentially harm the environment. SilverSocks also possess a signature vented-mesh to wick away sweat, avoiding any dampness and stuffiness. The temperature modulating properties keep your feet and legs cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Every aspect is designed to provide comfort, function and fashion, making it the perfect all-rounder sock.

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BeClothed launched SilverSocks on Kickstarter in early December as a follow up to their highly successful no-show SilverSocks. “We wanted to improve from our first campaign,” says Tony from BeClothed.

“We added a special Circulation cuff to keep blood flowing, and we gave it a secure yet gentle grip to avoid indents and prevent having to readjust your socks again.”

SilverSocks come in 3 colours; A deep black for any occasion, a rich everyday royal blue and an invisible space grey. You can lock-in two pairs or more on Kickstarter for a March 2019 release.

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