Simplicity Meets Beauty: The Grovemade Minimalist Knife

Grovemade has done it again. This time they have impressed in the form of a simple, but elegantly designed knife.

grovemade minimalist knife designed modern look authentic feel

On a quest to create a tool with no distracting elements to deter from its form or function, the minimalist knife was designed with a modern look and an authentic feel. The classic Japanese Higonokami samurai knife, was Grovemade’s creative inspiration.

grovemade minimalist knife single piece monobody handle

Each minimalist knife is constructed using a single-piece monobody handle, custom cut from a solid block of metal. The contours are sleek and angles are sharp. Each graceful curve fills the grip of a human hand with no excess space.

While standard knives are constructed with four layers, sandwiched around the blade, and fastened with numerous screws, the minimalist knife is set with a monobody and one axis-point. Although its production costs are higher, its performance and durability is worth it.

grovemade minimalist knife sandwiched around the blade

Ken Tomita, co-founder of Grovemade, notes that “The knife was a challenging design – we needed to keep it close to home to get it right.” Each model is designed, manufactured, and produced 100% in the United States.

Check it out

grovemade minimalist knife solid block of metal

grovemade titanium minimalist knife

grovemade minimalist knife on the table

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