Stand Out from the Crowd with the Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket

What if your jacket could double as a miniature flashlight? Or help you to stand out to people trying to find you at night? Or just glow like kryptonite? You’ve probably never asked yourself these questions, just as you never asked yourself if the cell phone in your pocket with the power of a personal computer would have a touch screen a few decades ago—because such a thing didn’t exist. Well, touch screen smart phones do now and so do glowing jackets that are charged by the sun thanks to the company Vollebak, who makes adventure gear for the future.

vollebak solar charged hoodie jacket

The Vollebak Solar Charged Jacket is the answer to all the previously posed questions. This thin, stretchable, waterproof and incredibly lightweight jacket is also charged by the sun. Or a street lamp. Or the light that is on your smartphone. And once it’s charged it glows a bright turquoise green once night falls, making you impossible to miss whether you are on a city street or stuck on a mountainside waiting for rescuers. It’s also bright enough to light a small amount of what is around you, making it possible for you to actually do things in the dark while wearing the jacket, like find a doorknob or look for your keys you dropped or jog at night and see the ground.

Just don’t plan on wearing it when you want to remain inconspicuous.

Check it out

vollebak solar charged jacket stretchy built speed

vollebak solar charged jacket hood and waistband

vollebak solar charged jacket front side

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