The Stutterheim x Alpha Industries Collection Doubles Down on Form and Function

If hand-crafted raincoats and military jackets each had respective online dating profiles, we’re not quite sure eHarmony would be matching them up right off the bat. Yet Swedish outerwear brand Stutterheim and military garb aficionados Alpha Industries definitely make the relationship thrive. They’ve teamed up for a unisex collection of signature raincoats and jackets that pairs high-tech construction with straightforward style. Needless to say, inclement weather has nothing on this sturdy apparel.

stutterheim x alpha raincoat

Both brands were already known for keeping things qualitative and basic, and the Stutterheim x Alpha Industries collection duly abides. The limited edition range features three Alpha Industries pieces getting upgraded by the Swedish raincoat experts. Specifically, the collection includes an MA-1 Bomber, an M-65 Fishtail Parka and an N-3B Weather Parka.

girl wearing stutterheim x alpha raincoat

In accordance with their functional foundations, each piece lets the construction do most of the talking. To ensure the utmost in comfort and resilience, Stutterheim employed rubberised cotton fabric on the outside and a padded interior. Meanwhile, details like the knit cuffs, metal YKK zipper, “remove before flight” tag, and unmistakable orange lining are all Alpha Industries benchmarks. The result is a best of both worlds collection that keeps it stylish, simple and thoroughly optimal.

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