Casual Linens and Lightweight Wools: Suit Shop’s Spring/Summer 17 Collection

Following its impressive Winter 17 campaign, the Suit Shop is back with a plethora of new tailored suits to help you transition into the warmer months. The Spring/Summer 17 collection highlights the constant evolution of Suit Shop, who has focused its attention on some new developments:

Suit Shop is working with the best weavers across Italy and England to create a collection of lightweight wools, perfect for the warmer months but also durable enough to meet the needs of travelling clients.

The brand has also worked with a specialist linen weaver in Northern Ireland and specialist cotton weavers in Japan to enhance the casual element of the collection, to help add a slightly more relaxed layer to your wardrobe.

man wearing black suit

Suit Shop has once again produced a Lookbook for its new collection in collaboration with photographer Zachary Handley, who chose Milan as the location for the shoot, as the majority of new cloths were woven in nearby Biella. Milan represents the elegance and functionality of Suit Shop garments with its blend of classicism and modernism providing the perfect backdrop for this season.

I said this last season, and I’ll say it again. A tailored suit will be the best fitting suit you ever own and just about every detail from the cloth and lapel to pockets, buttons and lining, is personalised to express your style. Once you go tailored, you will never go back.

Check it out

black suit many button in front of

off white suit

man wearing black suit and tie

man wearing ash color suit and black tie

black suit with inside white shirt

full sleeve black t shirt

two button off white color suit

white shirt with black suit

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