Sunski Recycled Plastic Eyewear is Keeping Nature’s Future Bright

After years of research and development, Sunski has created a new process for using 100 percent recycled plastic to recreate eyewear. The glasses are stylish and durable, keeping up the tradition that Sunski has worked so hard to establish of making the best but at affordable prices. Given that Sunski was founded by two surfers, you might expect that they would know a thing or two about sunglasses that work—and it shows that they do.

recycled sunski plastic sunglasses

But Sunski isn’t just about bumming around in the sand or catching waves. They have long been dedicated to helping the planet. Their long term commitment to One Percent for the Planet is great evidence of this commitment. One Percent for the Planet is an organization of businesses, individuals, and non-profits that work with members to identify environmental organizations that will have the greatest impact and that align with giving goals. Sunski has donated over $100k to One Percent.

Sunski was also awarded the Business of the Year award by the Save the Waves foundation. Sunski was selected for their work to develop a new use for recycled plastic.

Sunski isn’t just about creating great looking shades. They’re also about maintaining the reason why we need sunglasses—being outside in the beauty of nature.

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