Support the Trees with this U.S. Forest Service x Filson Medium Duffle

When it comes to toughness in the outdoors, few can be compared to the forest rangers, the smokejumpers and the fire fighters who work for the United States Forest Service. Which may be the reason why Filson, an outdoor apparel company since before the turn of the 20th Century, has made the limited edition USFS Medium Duffle in otter green dedicated to all of these tough and dedicated employees at the forest service.

forest service x filson medium duffle bag open

Not only is the duffle bag made from tough 100% twill cotton with handles and straps made from virtually unbreakable bridle leather, but the bag has two interior stow pockets and a rust proof brass zipper. An official USFS patch is attached to one side of the medium duffel giving it real the authenticity it needs to be something a Forest Service member would use in the field. And this isn’t just a duffle bag that is commemorating the United States Forest Service just because they deserve to be commemorated—this bag is meant to be taken out and used, tossed around in the dirt, thrown on and off planes and trucks. It can handle it and will last for decades to come. Plus some of the proceeds are donated to the United States Forest Service as well.

forest service x filson duffle bag side view

So not only do you get a great durable bag and something to honor those who protect the beautiful forests of the United States, you can help support an organization that is currently under fire in more ways than one.

Check it out

forest service x filson duffle bag strong strap

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