Supreme Drops Another Collection, The World Keeps Turning

Another day, another collection of random shit from iconic NYC skating brand Supreme. Flying off the back of their recent collab with Louis Vuitton, which nearly broke the internet (and turned my Instagram feed red for weeks), the newest collection doesn’t seem to have any linear theme or focus, other than the usual goal of being as non-conformist as possible – and there’s definitely something for everyone (especially if you’re a Duck Dynasty fan, weirdly).

supreme tagless tees

Starting with an all-white Fender Stratocaster bearing the ubiquitous red logo that I definitely want, the collection also includes hunting camouflage t-shirts that have been made with Hanes (with matching undies), fresh decks, boxing paraphernalia courtesy of Everlast, hair clippers, a kick-ass US cash money paperweight and a heavily-branded Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth speaker.

supreme folding exercise mat

Then there’s the straight up weird crap. A collapsible shovel. Chopsticks. Branded sake serving accoutrement. A doormat that looks like it belongs on a front step in the deep south. A snow sled. There’s also a face-mask with the logo in Arabic across the front (make of that what you will).

supreme diamond cut zippo

While men’s style doyens are likely to go crazy the world over, it’s definitely not going to be the last time these guys whack their label on an impressively weird (and strictly limited) collection and flog it in a heartbeat.

Check it out

supreme wool throw blanket

supreme shooting sleeve

supreme mini magnetic flashlight

supreme stratocaster

supreme handcuffs keychain

supreme 100 dollar bill gold pendant

supreme sled

supreme p2 wireless speaker

supreme arabic logo neoprene facemask

supreme boxer briefs

supreme gonz ramm skateboard

supreme welcome mat

supreme shit bandana

supreme case paperweight

supreme encore plus 10k and 20k

supreme coffin keychain

supreme rifkin safety

supreme satin hooded boxing robe

supreme sake set ceramic

supreme thermal crew

supreme chopsticks

supreme logo scarf

supreme embossed keychain

supreme aalto tank 400 chair

supreme boxer briefs 2 packs

supreme gonz ramm keychain

supreme inflatable blimp

supreme gold trim ceramic ashtray

supreme quiet carry knife

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