Test MJ Bale ‘Cool Wool’ Suits Inside the World’s Hottest Change Room

Test MJ Bale ‘Cool Wool’ Suits Inside the World’s Hottest Change Room
September 4, 2017 Michael Vane

Test MJ Bale ‘Cool Wool’ Suits Inside the World’s Hottest Change Room

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Winter’s officially over. Temperatures will rise, and gents all across the nation face the annual sartorial dilemma of what to wear in the heat. Boardies won’t always make the cut, so M.J. Bale has designed a range of Cool Wool suits to keep you cool, calm and collected this summer.

To prove their suits can withstand even the hottest temperatures while keeping you looking perfect, the Australian menswear label is inviting you to put its Cool Wool suits to the test in the hottest change room on the planet – a sauna. The change room is specially designed to reflect the hottest destinations in the world – from Rajasthan in Northwest India to California’s Death Valley.

The Hottest change room on the planet is a unique social experiment orchestrated by M.J. Bale that began with UK weatherman Alex Beresford travelling to the hottest destinations on the planet for an extreme weather forecast, to show how the suits enable him to keep his cool. This time you can try it for yourself.

There’s a common misconception about wool. For many people wool is a heavyweight fibre, something warm to slip into during the winter months. Well that was the old wool. Improved breeding and manufacturing processes resulted in Australian Merino wool becoming finer, softer and perfect for next-of-skin layering. Cool Wool cloth is perfect for suits, because of its tropical weight and thus ideal for warm climate countries.

The hottest change room on the planet will be open in Sydney from Monday 4th September to Friday 8th September, at M.J. Bale’s Chifley Plaza store before embarking on a nationwide tour. Make sure to head down between 11 am and 3 pm for the trial but stick around for the luxury tailored suits and friendly atmosphere.

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